Stanley Lab Awarded New $275K Grant To Study Bilateral Touch Integration

The Stanley Lab secured a 2 year R21 Grant from the NIH/NINDS entitled “Interhemispheric interactions underlying bilateral somatosensation”.  In this work, we will elucidate the neocortical laminar and cellular basis of interhemispheric computations underlying bilateral tactile interactions, and reveal their role in bilateral stimulus encoding and perception. We will investigate bilateral tactile interactions in the whisker system of the mouse, using a unique combination of extracellular recordings, optogenetic identification and targeted chemogenetic manipulations of specific interhemispheric projections, and a signal detection theory and decoding analytic framework, all during active bilateral somatosensation. This work is being led by Dr. Aurélie Pala, a senior postdoctoral researcher in the lab. Great work, Aurélie!

Congratulations to Michael Bolus for receiving the J. Norman and Rosalyn Wells Fellowship

Michael Bolus, PhD candidate, was awarded the J. Norman and Rosalyn Wells Fellowship for graduate students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Emory and Georgia Tech. This fellowship is awarded to doctoral students who are conducting meritorious research in the areas of neuroengineering or brain tumors, in recognition of his proposal entitled “Closed-loop Optogenetic Control of Thalamic State.” Way to go, Michael!


Aurelie Pala receives Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship

AS-273785546866693@1442286969641_l Aurelie Pala has received the prestigious Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc Mobility Fellowship. Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowships are designed for postdocs at the beginning of their career who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad.

Details on the award can be found here

Clarissa Whitmire Awarded the J. Norman and Rosalyn Wells Fellowship

Whitmire_HeadshotClarissa Whitmire, a biomedical Ph.D. student working in the Garrett Stanley laboratory, has been awarded the J. Norman and Rosalyn Wells Fellowship. Her long term research objective is to quantify the dynamic encoding of sensory information from the periphery to perception and develop methodologies to control this flow of sensory information.


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Garrett Stanley appointed to the Carol Ann and David D Flanagan Endowed Professorship

3add708c-eae3-4e8d-a94d-1ab6bab44647Garrett Stanley has been awarded the Carol Ann and David D. Flanagan endowed professorship. Special seminar and reception will be held in his honor Monday May 23, 2016.