Current Lab Members

Garrett B. Stanley, PhD

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley
Postdoctoral Training in Neuroscience from UC Berkeley

Control of neural circuitry, sensory signaling, thalamocortical circuit, tactile and visual sensing

Postdoctoral Fellows

Christian Waiblinger, PhD

Research Scientist

PhD in Neuroscience from University of Tubingen, Germany

Perception, learning, functional imaging, electrophysiology

Simone Russo, PhD

Visiting Scholar

PhD in Neuroscience from University of Milan, Italy

Neurophysiology, TMS, EEG signal processing

Doctoral Students

Elaida Dimwamwa

PhD Student, GT/Emory Biomedical Engineering

BSE in Bioengineering & MSE in Robotics from University of Pennsylvania
NSF Graduate Research Fellow Program Awardee
HHMI Gilliam Fellowship Awardee

Functions of corticothalamic feedback in sensory processing

Adriano Borsa

PhD Student, GT Bioengineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering

BS in Engineering Sciences from Harvard University
GT/Emory Computational Neural-Engineering Program Scholar

Closed-loop optogenetic control, thalamocortical states

David Weiss

PhD Student, GT Bioengineering & GT/Emory Biomedical Engineering

BS in Physics from Tufts University
MSE in Bioengineering from University of Pennsylvania
GT/Emory Computational Neural-Engineering Program Fellow

Closed-loop optogenetic control, latent space representations

Jisoo Ha

PhD Student, GT/Emory Biomedical Engineering

BS in Biomedical Engineering from Hanyang University, Korea
MS in HY-KIST Bio-convergence from Hanyang University, Korea

Sensory signaling, brain-computer interface

Master Students

Savannah Linen

Master Student, GT Bioinformatics

BS in Neuroscience from Georgia Tech

Parkinson’s Disease, neurobiology of pain and somatosensation

Sai Kate

Master Student, GT Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from MKSSSā€™s Cummins College of Engineering for Women, India

Closed-loop optogenetic control, cortical circuitry

Nayanika Biswas

Master Student, GT Robotics

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Delhi Technological University (DTU), India

Brain imaging analysis, learning and memory

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Lab Manager

Nelson Chang

Lab Manager/Research Assistant

BS in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology; BA in Computer Science from Emory University

Learning and decision-making, computational modeling

Former Lab Members