Code & Data

Data and code from Willats et al., CLOC Tools: A Library of Tools for Closed-Loop Neuroscience, in prep, 2022. GitHub Link
Data and code from Pala and Stanley, Ipsilateral stimulus encoding in primary and secondary somatosensory cortex of awake mice, J. Neurosci., 42(13):2701-27152022. Zenodo Link
Date and code from Waiblinger et al., Emerging experience-dependent dynamics in primary somatosensory cortex reflect behavioral adaptation, Nature Communications, 13:534, 2022.  Dryad Link
Data and code from Sederberg et al., State-aware detection of sensory stimuli in the cortex of the awake mouse, PLoS Computational Biology, 15 (5), e1006716, 2019.   Dryad Link