Many Recent Papers to Celebrate!

The Stanley Lab had a busy 2021-2022, with many papers hitting the stands that represent the culmination of a ton of hard work. Good work, everyone! Here are the highlights:

  • Y. J. Liew, A. Pala, C. J. Whitmire, W. A. Stoy, C. R. Forest, G. B. Stanley, Inferring thalamocortical monosynaptic connectivity in-vivo, J. Neurophysiol., 125: 2408–2431, 2021. PDF
  • N. C. Wright, P. Y. Borden, Y. J. Liew, M. F. Bolus, W. M. Stoy, C. R. Forest, G. B. Stanley, Rapid cortical adaptation and the role of thalamic synchrony during wakefulness, J. Neurosci., 41(25):5421-5439, 2021. PDF
  • C. Waiblinger, P. Y. Borden, G. B. Stanley, Emerging experience-dependent dynamics in primary somatosensory cortex reflect behavioral adaptation, Nature Communications, 13:534, 2022. Open Access PDF
  • A. Pala, G. B. Stanley, Ipsilateral stimulus encoding in primary and secondary somatosensory cortex of awake mice, J. Neurosci., 42(13):2701-27152022PDF

Hyma Completes her Rotation

Hyma is a first year graduate student in the neuroscience program at Emory. During her rotation, she worked on mapping the relationship between sensory responses in the thalamus and the different cell types of the somatosensory cortex through low dimensional representations. She is now rotating at Dr. Malavika Murugan’s lab at Emory, working with in vivo calcium imaging of the prefrontal cortex while looking at the effect of social isolation in mouse decision making. Thank you for your efforts Hyma, and we hope to see you again!

David Weiss Joins the Lab!

After rotating through the lab in the Spring of 2022, David will join permanently as a PhD Student! David earned a BS in Physics from Tufts University and an MSE in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a fellow in the NIH/NIBIB Training Program in Computational Neural Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory. We are excited to have you on board, David!

Caleb Wright presents research at SfN and Cosyne


Caleb Wright, a post-doc in the lab, recently presented his current research “Rapid sensory adaptation in the mouse thalamocortical circuit, and the relative contribution of thalamic state” to the Society for Neuroscience virtual conference. In addition, he has been accepted to present a poster at the virtual Cosyne conference in February 2021. Congratulations, Caleb!