Congratulations Elaida for being selected for the Gilliam Fellowship!

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has awarded Elaida Dimwamwa and her advisor, Garrett Stanley, the Gilliam Fellowship! The fellowship will support Elaida in her many endeavors, including unlocking the role of corticothalamic feedback on sensory perception as well as advancing diversity and inclusion in science. Elaida’s achievement was featured … More Congratulations Elaida for being selected for the Gilliam Fellowship!

Yi Liew Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis!

Congratulations on the great thesis defense, Yi! We are all very excited about this tremendous achievement! Yi’s thesis is entitled “The Timescales of Transformation Across Brain Structures in the Thalamocortical Circuit.” Her work is focused on how sensory information is transformed across multiple brain regions, from peripheral sensors, to subcortical … More Yi Liew Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis!

Many Recent Papers to Celebrate!

The Stanley Lab had a busy 2021-2022, with many papers hitting the stands that represent the culmination of a ton of hard work. Good work, everyone! Here are the highlights: Y. J. Liew, A. Pala, C. J. Whitmire, W. A. Stoy, C. R. Forest, G. B. Stanley, Inferring thalamocortical monosynaptic connectivity in-vivo, … More Many Recent Papers to Celebrate!

Lab’s Nature Communications Paper Featured by Georgia Tech

Chris Waiblinger’s Nature Communications paper entitled, “Emerging experience-dependent dynamics in primary somatosensory cortex reflect behavioral adaptation,” was recently featured by the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech/Emory. Check out the article here!

Hyma Completes her Rotation

Hyma is a first year graduate student in the neuroscience program at Emory. During her rotation, she worked on mapping the relationship between sensory responses in the thalamus and the different cell types of the somatosensory cortex through low dimensional representations. She is now rotating at Dr. Malavika Murugan’s lab … More Hyma Completes her Rotation