Many Recent Papers to Celebrate!

The Stanley Lab had a busy 2021-2022, with many papers hitting the stands that represent the culmination of a ton of hard work. Good work, everyone! Here are the highlights:

  • Y. J. Liew, A. Pala, C. J. Whitmire, W. A. Stoy, C. R. Forest, G. B. Stanley, Inferring thalamocortical monosynaptic connectivity in-vivo, J. Neurophysiol., 125: 2408–2431, 2021. PDF
  • N. C. Wright, P. Y. Borden, Y. J. Liew, M. F. Bolus, W. M. Stoy, C. R. Forest, G. B. Stanley, Rapid cortical adaptation and the role of thalamic synchrony during wakefulness, J. Neurosci., 41(25):5421-5439, 2021. PDF
  • C. Waiblinger, P. Y. Borden, G. B. Stanley, Emerging experience-dependent dynamics in primary somatosensory cortex reflect behavioral adaptation, Nature Communications, 13:534, 2022. Open Access PDF
  • A. Pala, G. B. Stanley, Ipsilateral stimulus encoding in primary and secondary somatosensory cortex of awake mice, J. Neurosci., 42(13):2701-27152022PDF

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