He Zheng defends her thesis

He defense

He Zheng defended her thesis on Aug 5 2015. From her hilarious introduction through her excellent presentation we are very proud of her accomplishment. Her unique personality and brand of humor have graced the lab for many years and she has been an integral member. We wish her all the best as she wraps up and gets ready for her next adventure.

GIFT program participant joins the Stanley Lab

2015-09-01 11.05.28

Jocelyn Paez, a 4th grade teacher from the Children’s School in Midtown Atlanta, will be joining the Stanley lab for several weeks this summer. She is a participant in the GIFT program which provides paid summer STEM internships in industry workplaces and university laboratories for K-12 science, mathematics, and technology teachers. Teachers spend 4 to 7 weeks experiencing first hand how industrial scientists and researchers approach problems, design experiments, interpret data, communicate findings, and develop and implement workplace solutions. GIFT offers teachers real world applications of the subjects they teach, allowing them to increase content knowledge and gain practical examples of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics applications for enriched instruction and teaching practices based on evidence-based experiences.

Whitmire and Stanley win BME graduate awards

20150424_160906 4/24/2015

In the inaugural BME graduate student awards held April 24th to honor exceptional graduates students Clarissa Whitmire was nominated in 3 of the 6 categories. While she didn’t win any of the three awards for which she was nominated, her outstanding participation and leadership caused the committee to create a 7th category, lovingly called “The Overacheiver” award. Clarissa was very honored to have won this award and truly deserves it.

To close out the awards, the Graduate Student Advisory Board turned around and nominated professors who are outstanding advisors for a “Best BME Advisor” category. These nominations were made by students and selected by the student board. After reading several moving nomination letters, Garrett Stanley was ultimately selected to receive this award.


Ferguson Elementary outreach


Alex Ortiz visited Ferguson Elementary in Gwinnett County for their Kindergarten scienceday. Kids rotated classrooms doing or observing various scientific experiments. Alex taught the children about optical illusions and how the brain and eyes work together. Here’s hoping we inspired some future scientists.


Zheng wins best paper award

He Zheng wins the Bioengineering program outstanding paper award for her paper titled The adaptive trade-off between detection and discrimination in cortical representations and behavior published in Neuron.


D. R. Ollerenshaw, H. J. V. Zheng, Q. Wang, and G. B. Stanley, The adaptive trade-off between detection and discrimination in cortical representations and behavior, Neuron., Mar 5;81(5):1152-64, 2014.PDF