We’re recruiting!

Join us! We are currently recruiting talented graduate students and postdocs in a couple of different areas described below. Please contact Prof. Stanley at garrett.stanley@bme.gatech.edu if you are interested!

The Stanley laboratory focuses on the dynamics and control of complex neural circuits, particularly applied to “reading and writing” in sensory pathways. Our experimental approaches include multi-site, multi-electrode recording, optical voltage imaging, behavior, and closed-loop feedback control. Our computational approaches include linear and nonlinear dynamical systems, information theory, observer analysis, signal detection and discrimination, control theory, and machine learning. Our long-term goal is to provide surrogate control for circuits involved in sensory signaling and perception, for normal function and for pathways injured through trauma or disease.  Trainees in the lab blend experimental and computational work, and become part of an exciting team that provides support for scientific and professional development. We are seeking doctoral students for two primary projects funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative involving “Closed Loop Optogenetic Control of Sensory Perception” and “Population Dynamics Across Spatial and Temporal Scales Through Machine Learning”.

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