Clarissa Whitmire Awarded the 2016 Stuart Zola Graduate Fellowship in Neuroscience

Clarissa Whitmire, a PhD candidate in the Georgia Tech/Emory Biomedical Engineering program, has been awarded the 2016 Stuart Zola Graduate Fellowship in Neuroscience. This fellowship, administered by the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, was founded in honor of Dr Stuart Zola, previous director of the Yerkes National Primate Center from 2001 until 2014. As part of this fellowship,Clarissa will be invited to speak at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center Symposium this Fall and will receive funding to promote her professional development.

CEISMC Math Outreach Event

In conjunction with CEISMC Math and Science Partnership (MSP) the Stanley lab hosted several groups of middle school and high school teachers for a hands on math and science demonstration. The goal of the MSP event was to tie math to real world applications, giving the teachers tools they need to inspire students. The lessons fused on demonstrating neural activity in muscles using EMG recording. Teachers were given the opportunity to try on EMG electrodes and record their muscle activity during a variety of tasks. They focused on experimental design and reducing variability between subjects. The data was then graphed and trends were pulled out of them showing how math is actively used in scientific settings.

The Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) (pronounced like “seismic”) is a partnership uniting the Georgia Institute of Technology with educational groups, schools, corporations, and opinion leaders throughout the state of Georgia.


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GIFT Program participant: Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez, a recent graduate of Georgia State who will be starting his career as a middle school teacher this fall, joined the Stanley lab for three weeks this summer. While here he worked to develop a neuroscience lesson geared towards the middle school age range that is both interactive and informative. At the end of his time he demonstrated his lesson in front of a panel of researches and was given feedback. He will now be able to take this lesson whim as he starts teaching with a continued pledge of support from the Stanley lab.

The GIFT program provides paid summer STEM internships in industry workplaces and university laboratories for K-12 science, mathematics, and technology teachers. Teachers spend 4 to 7 weeks experiencing first hand how industrial scientists and researchers approach problems, design experiments, interpret data, communicate findings, and develop and implement workplace solutions. GIFT offers teachers real world applications of the subjects they teach, allowing them to increase content knowledge and gain practical examples of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics applications for enriched instruction and teaching practices based on evidence-based experiences.


Aurelie Pala receives Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship

AS-273785546866693@1442286969641_l Aurelie Pala has received the prestigious Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc Mobility Fellowship. Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowships are designed for postdocs at the beginning of their career who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad.

Details on the award can be found here

Outreach Event: The Children’s School

20160511_142355Several members of the Stanley Laboratory recently spent the afternoon at The Children’s School in the 4th grade classroom of former GIFT Program participant Jocelyn Paez. Jocelyn spent several weeks last summer as a member of the Stanley Lab, learning about our research and working with tools designed to make neuroscience accessible to the general public. She planned and implemented a neuroscience module to integrate into her curriculum over the course of several weeks this year. As the culmination of that lesson our group spent the afternoon with her class demonstrating the use of tools for neural electrical recording and guiding the children through the process of designing an experiment, recording data and analyzing their findings.

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